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Solve the mystery of "The Quest." Start with the professor's journal, full of information collected about mysterious people, places, ciphers, riddles and events. Solve the first code to find more information and continue your quest until you solve all 9 clues. It's a sort of like a National Treasure, Da Vinci Code, E-novel mystery with riddles, codes and more. Can you solve it? Start Now!

The Quest: Mystery Of The Professors Notebook. Can You Solve The Quest? The Quest is an interactive novel in a sense. It is delivered in electronic format. (Kindle, Nook, PDF) It is set in modern day United States and other countries and is fact woven with fiction. It puts the reader in the place of figuring out clues left in a journal of William Whitfield. The journal is filled with pictures, clues, codes and riddles. When you figure out the first clue, you go to a web location and enter in the answer. If you are right, you get the next clue and more information to continue your quest. Each part of the journey is downloadable. There is nothing else like it in the world!

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